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Rock bar, Chaweng.

ID object: B0010
Region (city): Samui
Area: Chaweng

Parameters of object

Commercial real estate - Samui, Sale

Sale of business - a rock bar, Chaweng, Koh Samui, Thailand
Opened 4 years ago. Located in a busy place with a big cross on the main road, opposite the area with several popular restaurants
Menu - European and Thai cuisine, a bar - classic cocktails and signature
Regularly (once a week) are live performances of rock bands
The total amount of investments in equipment, maintenance, design - 1,500,000 Baht
The current contract of lease - 20 months later - three year extension of three
The price includes everything except the pool table (rent 5000 baht a month, profit 12-20000 baht per month):
Pc system including keyboard mouse etc 15,000 baht
External hard drive including all songs and videos 5000 b
Speakers x 6 55,000 baht plus amp
Rock memorabilia around 600,000 baht
Coffee machine 35 000 baht
2x tvs 50 000 baht
DVD player baht 8000
Xbox plus controllers 13 000 baht
Furniture 165,000 baht
Predator metal statues 77,000 baht
Deep fat fryer 5000 b
Pizza machine 2500 baht
Blender 1500 baht
2 microwaves 5000 baht
Two freezers 30,000 baht
Fridge 5000 baht
Panini machine 7000 baht
Stock cost value 100,000 baht
Miscellaneous incl fans cues cutlery plates pans tee shirts fire extinguisher books storage bins ladders blackboards 25,000 baht
Rent - 12,400 baht per month, including water, will be raised to 15,000 after 1-x 3 years
Electricity - about 4,000 baht per month
Satellite TV - 2000 baht a month, the Internet - 950 baht per month
2 employees, whose sn - 25000 Baht per month
Every 3 years - pay 350,000 baht - keymoney
Price - 2,500,000 baht (about 50,000 euros)
As a bonus attached a piece of land in Chiang Mon (estimated value of 1,700,000 Baht)
366 sq.m. 5 minutes from the beach. electricity and water have been placed to the site

Property: 2625000 THB 2625000
Sale of business (Key money): 315000 THB 315000