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In June 2015 the Thai government to spread the news about the incredible lobbying for legislative initiative to open a casino in the area of ​​the city-settlements of the tourism industry - Pattaya and Chiang Mai.
The worsening political and economic relations between Russia, Ukraine, EU countries and the US led to a decline in tourist flow to Thailand. This led to an increase of bankruptcies and job cuts in a purely tourist metropolitan areas of Thailand and especially Pattaya. The wave of social unrest among the indigenous inhabitants of the kingdom, which had revenue of only tourist infrastructure (trade ready-made meals and fruits, spa treatments and Thai massage, hotels, drinking and entertainment, laundry, sightseeing tours), the ninth wave has covered government and forced it to accept non-standard solutions .
According to legislative documents gambling sites is expected to open in the local Las Vegas - Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Approval of the regulation would cause enormous influx of Thais in these cities and will be reflected in almost all fields and areas of business. In anticipation of the tourist sellout businessmen, owners of farms and dealers, realtors and developers have all shades grimace Thai smile and rub their hands. Market residential and commercial property in Pattaya is encouraging to grow multiply. Mayors of Pattaya and Chiang Mai have publicly acknowledged that they find it difficult to calculate the annual flow of funds to the local budget from the introduction of gambling zones.
Currently, the nearest territories of sin to Thailand are Hong Kong and Macao. It must be emphasized that in the last seven years the level of life of local residents has increased significantly, and among them there was a considerable number of fans of gambling cards and exciting look at the spinning roulette. Get pleasure from the game show is now the Thais can not leave the confines of their country of smiles. The adoption of a regulatory act in the latest edition of the Kingdom of Thailand lawmakers planned for the IV quarter of this year.
Today - the perfect time to invest profitably personal cash and assets in their own home, apartment or a ready-made business in the country of smiles.
It's time to bet, ladies and gentlemen.