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Thai New Year - Songkran 2014!


Thai New Year ( Songkran ) for residents of the provinces of Thailand this year is celebrated for three days from 13 to 19 April . In Pattaya, the culmination of the celebrations will fall on April 18-19, 2014.
Water symbolizes the " cleansing and renewal ." As part of the annual festival of Songkran Pattaya residents ( and all over Thailand ) pour water on each other to forget everything bad that happened in the past and welcome the new year .
Songkran is the traditional feast of " ritual " to attract the rain ( The rainy season in Thailand) to the rice harvest was rich , and the people lived in prosperity and abundance. However, as part of this ritual , people do different things that they think they need to bring happiness and good luck in the new year . These include : cleaning his own house , bathing the Buddha image holding family reunions and alms to monks .
With the onset of April , all the Thai people begin preparatory process aquacade Songkran festival . All the streets are filled with happy faces Pattaya Thai and Thai guests who, armed with buckets and vodometamioblivayut congratulate each other and with the holiday. " May Savatdi pi " - is heard everywhere, which means - Happy New Year! . This is one of the most fun , the long-awaited and colorful celebrations in Thailand , which will not leave you indifferent and will give the participants a lot of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions.
In addition to revel in the festival of Songkran in Pattaya hosts many cultural events such as the Miss Songkran beauty contest , variety shows , demonstrating authentic crafts and culture of the country . Numerous bars and restaurants in Pattaya offers you a wide range of exotic Thai dishes and beverages .
Come to Pattaya in mid-April and this stay you will never forget !

Тайский Новый Год - Сонгкран 2014

Сонгкран 2014, тайский новый год.