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Loi Krathong holiday!


Beautiful holiday called Loy Krathong (Loy Kratong) is celebrated every year in Thailand , the twelfth night of the full moon . «Loi» in Russian - "floating », «Kratong» - « boat ( or design ) of leaves and flowers ."
In the middle of the century, during the times of Sukhothai during the time of King Cast , who ruled a kingdom of his wife built a huge size bowl of banana leaves and stalks of bamboo on one of the holidays , decorate it with fruit. It marked the beginning of the tradition : the art to combine the miracle that a man , in gratitude that gives us life and strength in the great tradition of honoring its people.
Traditionally , for the manufacture of such pumps are used banana tree leaves , flowers and fruits. Of these, the so -called krathongs are made in various sizes and types, sometimes more reminiscent of its kind in miniature palaces , works of art of Thai handicrafts. Many koatongi expose for all to see , where they wait patiently .. In the evening , when night covers the city , people take their krathongs and go to the river or the sea, go into the water and let them go to the wind and currents. This gesture symbolizes above all , respect and worship of the Mother of Water, nurse and protectress of people living on earth . Water gives food - fish and animals that live in it, fertilizes a field , allowing farmers to harvest rice and vegetables, takes on itself favorably people and goods , helping to trade. Grateful people are grateful to the water, run their krathongs . Thanks to the Mother of Water - this is not the only reason people come to this festival . In November , during the rainy season , all the rivers overflowing water current is strong . Any object placed in full force the river, picked up by the water and whisk away. That's why a lot of people , cut allegiance to a small lock of hair , put it in your Krathong and send him on a long journey together with all its miseries and troubles , problems and sorrows , so that they were out of sight . One after another soar up from the ground bright stars ( burning balls ) , who flock to the horizon . It balloons, made ​​from the finest tissue paper , filled with hot air and cherished desires. Thais believe in the fulfillment of desires . Perhaps that is why , before you unclench your hands and to release a ball, a pair of freeze for a moment , silent , pronounced himself his cherished dream , and then a long look at the night sky , watching thoughtfully his ball , his dream , his star . Strangely, this night in the sky soar hundreds of thousands of these balls , but the look is unmistakable and easily among them his own, and a little sad is the fact that soon all will merge on the horizon in a bright ribbon and dissolved in a transparent haze , and you're not fly after their dreams , but to awaken with extraordinary ease and love in the shower.
Holiday Loi Krathong - the full moon day in November - the holiday spirit of water and light. And, really , a lot of light in the night. The entire Gulf of Siam ignited the fire flickering candles , symbolizing the souls of their ancestors , they merge into one bright , exciting sea - the sea water gratitude and light, for the fact that they grant people's lives . And Thais believe that the lowered water krathongs connect the hearts of lovers in the next life , so this night everyone shares the holiday with the most dear to people. And the people are united on this night his desire to be free and happy.