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 September 1, 2015, the beginning of autumn in Russia and the beginning of the season in Thailand. We have updated the list of hot real estate property in Thailand. The global crisis has forced people to take a fresh look at the prospects of development, the preservation of their capital abroad. Today we are witnessing an unprecedented influx of foreign investors to redeem apartments hot deals in Thailand. Citizens of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, all those who did not have time to buy real estate before the crisis - time to do it today. And those who managed to buy out the property to the depreciation of the national currency - are actively selling their apartments with unprecedented discounts!
For example, an apartment, bought in September last year for 2.5 million baht (about 2 500 000 rubles at the time) and quickly oversold today with a great discount for the 2 000 000 baht (about 4 000 000 today) - has brought the owners of profit its currency, but most importantly - to save cash.
The real estate market in Thailand has stabilized, hot deals still there, but they are actively buying back foreign nationals are now seeing a lot of activity of citizens of China, which recently happened depreciation of the national currency - the Chinese yuan. Citizens of Kazakhstan and proyalyayut activity today. It is expected that by early 2016 the market will be fully to normal, at this point because the hype subsides all those who could not pay the developer contract - simply lose their apartments, or sell at a deep discount to investors, so we offer you to get acquainted with the bitter Apartment in Thailand today and not to delay the decision to purchase, a list of frequently updated. Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions and poderut the most interesting options. Hot offers Property in Thailand today.