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Investment in Thailand in 2015, the global crisis and trends.


 Investing in 2015 to create your source of passive income in foreign currency and save money?

Many are thinking today on the topic of "salvation" and investing. Today we tell you about investing in overseas property - namely, real estate in Thailand.
So, how much you can earn by having an apartment in Tailadne? One bedroom apartment in Thailand can bring the owner a steady income from 8000 US dollars to 20,000 dollars, depending on the location, lease term and other nuances. If the difference of the ruble against the dollar and baht - obtained quite stable and independent income in foreign currency.
Why should an investor choose exactly Thailand and other Asian countries do not or European countries?
Today, there is a difficult political situation, the relationship between Europe and Russia every day are getting harder and property owners at risk of one day come under the "iron drapes" and do not have access to their property.
Russia's foreign policy today is directed and actively cooperates with the countries of Asia, Thailand here is not the last role. Soft Thai visa policy for the Russians, as well as plans to develop a bill for greater investment attractiveness and simplicity stay in the country of Russian citizens - make very attractive Kingdom.
If you look at neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand is the most comfortable, progressive and developed a place for living, business and recreation.
As for reliability, many concerned about the issue - whether it is possible to get on the so-called "unfinished"? In Russia, this topic is so popular that customers ask itself this question.
If we talk about the real estate market in Thailand in general, delays in construction are of course happen, but rarely, in comparison with Russia. There are no built projects, but reliable agents are always aware of these developers, there are companies with the experience and name, and has re-opened with beautiful designs and attractive offers. To start selling, responsible agencies always check the story, collate all the documents, including documents on land ownership and the availability of funds for the project. Preference is better to give such projects, developers who build on sredsta on personal, rather than borrowed - borrowed from banks or other investors.
Today, in times of crisis, the fall of the ruble against the dollar, many investors rushed to buy property in Thailand, using the fact that many now can not pay the money under the contract and are forced to sell their apartments at very low prices, such proposals can be found on our website, under hot deals.
The big plus for customers is the fact that in Thailand there are no property taxes are paid only when you make a one-time tax of the property, it is about 6.3% of the value.

Where to invest in times of crisis? The property in Thailand or Russia?

There are several reasons to think about buying an apartment in Thailand:
The economy of the Kingdom is much more stable and does not depend on oil prices, which today is not much stable. The course of the Thai baht and is not tied to tourism, as many believe. Stability is provided by the Thai baht agriculture export of products that are valued and needed all the countries of the world, and the climate allows Thailand to do this 365 days a year.
Investors are also taught "not to put all your eggs in one basket", so having real estate in Russia and other countries, now more prudent to invest the funds in real estate in Thailand, allowing secure income in foreign currency, and if there was a crisis in the country, it will keep their savings.
Investment attractiveness of Thailand explained and statistics. According to statistics, over the last 10 years in Thailand bursae naionalnoy currency did not go beyond 5% in the changes in greater or smaller side.
Many investors today are investing in land in Thailand as the land has a stable rise in prices, and in the last 4 years in some particularly popular areas of the value of land increased by 300%!