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With the start of the season in Thailand, cases of fraud!


Dear clients and partners!

We want to draw your attention to the frequent cases of cheating and fraud when booking apartments and houses in Thailand. For us, it is imperative that each of you will stay in sunny Thailand was comfortable, safe. Recently, from our friends, visitors, friends and colleagues, we began to hear the opposite. For some, the holiday in Thailand has become a fairy tale, but for someone turned a big disappointment on fraud in the real estate market. What can I say ... the season begins, beware!
Fortunately rent a house, it is also a kind of good luck, and this article is dedicated to how to resolve this issue and do not become the next victim of speculators in real estate lease in Thailand.
Our advice to prospective tenants:

- Lowered price of an apartment - an alarming factor. All landlords are well aware of the market price of the apartment for rent.
- Rent an apartment without a lease agreement - is the lack of capacity to claim and prove their rights.
- Carefully read the contract and other papers, which gives you the agent.
- Rapid confirmation of apartments or houses - an alarming factor, especially in high season, as the agent for booking an apartment takes time to contact the owner (if the property is not in the management of the agency), and confirm the dates are agreed to discuss the conditions and draw up a contract.
- A large advance payment for several months - it's a risk.
- Too small deposit for booking - can also be an instrument of fraud, because the people who have posted are not a significant amount, is not likely to turn to the police, and what are crooks.
For example, the specific situation that happened last week in one of the famous Pattaya condominiums. Upon checking our customers, it became clear that their friends, who arrived with them, if you choose the apartment decided to contact the agency should not be tested (with the view that the price of rental housing inflated), and having bought at low cost flats and colorful pictures provided, booked apartment remotely on some website. They were fascinated, of course, price (below market), rapid response manager and instant confirmation of your reservation. As a result, our tourists were settled into her apartment, and their friends, unsuccessfully, tried to get through on the block the phone, to find out something retsepshen condominium and look for those same agents, with their apartments and promised a meeting at the airport, which has been sent to the deposit in the amount of $ 300. As a result, the first impression of the rest were spoiled, and, as the saying goes, "osadochek-what was left."
Our employees do not stand idly by, an agent of "Land of Smile" was urgently found shelter and granted legal aid to appeal to the police station where the statement was made up of the individuals who, by their numerous web sites, and are not going to provide services.
Be careful when choosing and booking accommodation for your long-awaited vacation.
With respect and care for you, the team of "Land of Smile Real Estate".