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Educational program for the merchants of the Customs Union and the EAEC.

 More and more citizens of the European Economic Union - Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus recognize the individual, family and corporate vacation in Thailand comfortable and safe. In the near future to join the EAEC Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Vietnam. Just recently, the world's news information teletypes spread stunning Russian trade minister that Thailand is going to start the EAEC and apply for the establishment of a free trade zone with Russia. For merchants come time to make money. So, what to buy a business in Thailand to have a constant and reliable income?

Company catering

Due to the fact that Thailand is quite a lot of Russian tourists and residents will be a win-win idea to open a cozy cafe, a bar, or notable fancy restaurant cuisine. It is now very famous restaurants of Russian cuisine, the menu of which has pickles, pancakes, soup, okroshka, pelmeni, Thury, botvinya. Many vacationers in grocery stores with Russian personnel structure are willing to buy products, such as "home" of black bread, buckwheat, bagels, bagels, kvass. In general, if you decide to buy in the country of smiles business, such as a cafe, restaurant or bar, it immediately begins to make a profit. By the way, such a business can be a real exotic to indigenous people of Thailand and your commerce will benefit doubly.

Hotel business

Its popularity is gaining momentum small economy class hotels, retro hotels, guest houses, bungalows where you can just sleep in the morning to drink a cup of coffee and have lunch and spend the rest of the recreation and entertainment. Not every visitor can afford to live definitely in three - five-star hotels. You can get a good and steady income even renting a room in a modest cottage or rent your apartment and will definitely get "their" customers who are lured affordable prices. The hotel business in Thailand - is an area where you can stake out an enviable niche and earn decent money, no matter what the object of commercial real estate bought: luxury hotel, guesthouse or hotel bespafosny economy class.

Institutions for the education of children of preschool age.

You will not believe, but this type of commerce in Thailand claimed the same, as well as in other countries, where the eternal shortage of kindergarten. Buy a business, such as the type of kindergarten with a good reputation and the license can be quite a reasonable price. By implementing this business idea, you will target the population and tourists, for whom the Russian language is the language of international communication. Moms and dads are willing to pay generously for the conditions in which the child will be safe and comfortable. Leave their children in the hands of trustworthy, and you can go shopping themselves, relax on the white beaches, have fun on the countless shows in Thailand. A key factor in this business - qualified staff with teaching and medical education. To accommodate the kindergarten is fine villa with private garden, pool and video surveillance.

Land and construction

Land in Thailand - is the stability of investments and regular income. On the agenda of land in close proximity to the sea, with good infrastructure, transport interchange and the availability of communications. The highest profitability of the project will occur during the construction of the selected plot of land housing village, cottages, hotel, condominium or shopping center. It is clear that to maintain this line of business will be necessary to establish an effective management company.

New Projects in Pattaya and Phuket

Tourist mecca in Thailand - it certainly, Pattaya and Phuket. Therefore, flats and apartments in newly built residential complexes attractive to buyers. How to do business in new Pattaya or Phuket? During the construction phase, after the payment of principal payment, which amounts to 20-30% of the cost of housing, the buyer becomes the owner of residential real estate and has the legal right to resell the apartment or apartments. For the conduct of such business does not necessarily leave the country in Thailand. If the purpose of the purchase of residential real estate is to invest free finances, it is quite suitable option with remote buying. Buy an apartment in Pattaya or Phuket buildings, and then re-sell it and get income from 15 to 40% of the original value. The average term of the construction of residential buildings is 1.5-2 years, during this period, you can re-sell the apartment twice and earn capital.
Thailand today is not only the center of the tourism industry, is popular, but also a platform for investment to buy a ready business in Thailand. Indeed, not only Russians, but also any citizen of the EAEC, having the desire to live, work, or just relax in the Land of Smiles, can organize your business.

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