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December 5 - Birthday of His Majesty King Rama IX


King Bhumibol Adulyadej is known as Rama IX - the successor of the Chakri Dynasty, which ruled Thailand since 1782. He was born in 1927 in Cambridge. At the age of 19 became the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty and received political education in Switzerland. In the late forties, married the girl Sirikit Kitiyakara (Sirikit Kitiyakara), daughter of the ambassador of Thailand in France. King - not only the highest person in the state, but also, according to the beliefs of Thais, bogoravnaya incarnation, has a magical omnipotence. But the Thai throne for 60 years, is not only the king, but also extremely talented man: a jazz musician who played with Benny Goodman, a talented composer, who wrote the anthem for his country, artist, photographer, holds several patents on the technology of artificial rain and author of comic- bestselling book about the life of the court dogs. In the evening TV news bulletins Thais can see how Rama IX with tireless energy visits schools, hospitals, charitable projects and considers himself takes the poor peasants. And he writes funny, but instructive book and patented a new type of fuel. On the eve of December 3 at a colorful and moving ceremony on the square Royal Plaza in Bangkok elite units of the Royal Guard solemnly reaffirm their oath to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

In 2008, according to Forbes magazine, His Majesty was named the richest monarch in the world. But in a different way. Attributed to the state of the king, which belongs to the royal family, and driven by a Bureau of royal property independently of government. This fund is accountable only to His Majesty, and he often manages them for the benefit of the people: to help victims of natural disasters, for charitable and educational programs. His Majesty has never been limited to theoretical research problems, he tries all guided practice. The King organized and supported many agricultural and livestock farms. For example, at Rama IX started breeding cows and produce milk, he encouraged such services. Adulyadej Pumiphon created numerous resources for food supplies and educational materials for the mountain peoples of the North. At the Royal Palace to perform various studies of new technologies for growing rice, construction warehouse, the creation and use of mill by-products as fuel and fertilizer. His Majesty personally developed drawings of machines for cleaning of rivers and water bodies of the country and invented artificial rainmaking system, which has been successfully used in dry areas.

December 5 celebrations are held throughout Thailand. By tradition, all the government buildings are decorated with colorful lights. At night, in the Greater Bangkok's Royal Palace and Ratchadamnoen Avenue turns into a fairyland of colored lights.