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Bangkok real estate continues to rise


 According to the Information Center Thailand Real Estate (REIC), property prices rose in Bangkok for the first half of 2014 even though the political situation in the country. 
Thus, prices for condominiums Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi rose 4.7%, while the cost of housing in general, increased approximately 3%. 
Dr. Shammah Kitsin, CEO of REIC, journalists presented a detailed comparative statistics for the first half of 2013: 
- Condominiums in the mid-price segment (50 to 80 thousand baht per 1 sq. m.) Rose by 9%; 
- Condominiums Budget (up to 50 thousand bai 1 sq. m.) Rose by 7%; 
- Class apartments above average (80 to 120 thousand baht per 1 sq. m.) Rose by 5.1%; 
- Luxury apartments rose 2.1%; 
- The cost of private homes increased by 3% in Bangkok and 3.3% in other provinces; 
For some it may seem surprising, but as history shows, episodes of political instability in Thailand is not particularly affect the property market.