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Thailand pushed Europe to the medical tourism market


Thailand pushes European clinics with medical tourism market and out in the field in the foreground. According to statistics, in recent years, the number of medical tourists in Bangkok has increased by 20%. In total, there were treated 500 thousand foreign nationals, according to the publication "Kommersant".
Erken Imanbayev, chief doctor of the clinic "Prof", notes that today only, perhaps, the Russians have taken treated in Germany or Switzerland. Russians do not trust the experts from Asia, except those who sin unhygienic local clinics. In this case, the Europeans prefer to doctors obraschatsya exotic countries. Approximately 90% of medical tourists until recently, each divided Singapore, India and Thailand. However, over the last couple of years in the leaders broke it Bangkok. Europeans consider Thai doctors highly skilled professionals with European education and Asian hospitality. In this case, there are operations that Thai surgeons do better than other healthcare providers in the world.
In Asia, especially going for cosmetic services. In second place - abdominal surgery. The third section of thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery and other types of surgery. Bangkok alone employs 8 accredited clinics that focus on clients from abroad. In Thailand, about 30 such hospitals. Foreigners are attracted primarily the relatively low cost of all services. Operation, which in the U.S. is $ 6000, in Bangkok, you can make for 3000. The surgery is more profitable, even with the flights and accommodation and internal transfers in the country.