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Filing reports on VAT in Thailand

Monthly report on VAT in Thailand - a summary of all invoices received by or exposed in the past month.
Value added tax (VAT) in Thailand supplied monthly by the 15th of each month to the tax office at the place of VAT registration, filing Form PP.30.
All the companies who are registered for VAT must submit reports regardless of the number and volume of sales and earnings. Failure Reporting face a fine of 500 baht (for the report), also imposed fines and penalties, depending on the amount of debt on VAT.
First, you need to prepare two reports: on the output VAT and input VAT, then, filled in a form PP.30, which consists of the first two reports. It happens that the amount of output VAT exceeds input, in which case the tax office you must pay the difference.
If the amount of output VAT included below, we can proceed in two ways.
First - contact the tax office for reimbursement, and the second - taking into account the difference in the following month. We recommend that you act according to the second embodiment.