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Documents confirming the ownership of land in Thailand

 This article will examine the document, which is the most important among those that prove ownership of land as well as a separate apartment. If we consider the second option, this document is the so-called Chanot. But more about that later. Talk is of a similar document to the ground, because the situation there is more complicated. For example, in Thailand, there is about twenty various documents confirming the right to ownership of land. Truth into these wilds is not worth it, because the best of them is still the same Chanot.

Also, a good option is a document called Nor Sor 3. Since it will not be any special problems, plus everything on it will be available later Chanot. Nor Sor 3 feature is that the data that is entered into it, and the real parameters of the land may be different from each other. That is why, with only his hands, you can not put a fence around his land. For this you need to get from you each bordering neighbor confirmation, stating that none of them had no complaints regarding the enclosing area. In Chanot it all clearly - all the borders are not random and the eye, and is received by their determination by GPS. Plus, they are supported by the Land Department, so that in this case no doubt about the boundaries of your site just can not be! However, Chanot has some peculiarities. The main is that it specifies only the ownership of a particular piece of land, but the fact is it any building or not, it does not appear. It is clear that getting Chanot does not happen very quickly - in fact need to get all the necessary data, and then they also assure. Plus there is also a fee for its reception. Not surprisingly, not every owner of land tends to get Chanot and follows the path of least resistance.

Sites of Chanot at their borders are marked with special columns, which are applied to the printing of the Land Office, and the individual number Chanot this site. So the test plot utterly simple - take this inscription with columns and compared them to the appropriate place.

And, although we can not exclude that the fact that some careless sellers can take and move the bars of their plots, while increasing both land area and that is logical, its cost. Because the actual position of the site remains the same, be sure to check before you buy, how correctly filled all the documents on the site, as well as registered with a Land Department. Do not spare the time. Believe me, the time and the money that you spend checking Chanot the reliability of data entered into it, as well as other information related to the purchased land, comparable to what you can lose if you buy the land, and the transaction will then be fiction.