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Buying an apartment in Thailand in the secondary market

 Try to figure out how to legally make a deal to buy an apartment in the condominium.
Before you start shopping, you have had time to find vendors offering you the option that you are completely or mostly satisfied, have discussed with him the cost and some other important factors. Now all you have to take his passport copy, Chanot (document certifying the ownership of the housing), and the house of the book to go with these documents in a law office, where experts will check whether the person who is the owner, so is. By and large, this test you can and do, if yes Thai language because on the back of Chanot lists all the property owners, starting from the first to the current owner, who should be your dealer, whose name must match the last record in Chanot .
Then you need to check whether you are buying a property mortgaged to see if in the lease, even if the long-term, etc. All of this can also be found on the same side of the back of the same Chanot. While some burdens can be solved. For example, if you liked house is mortgaged, the mortgagee can agree with, returning the debt to the re-issuance of the apartment for you.
Need to determine the market value of the condominium, as all taxes and fees when calculating repel it by that amount. It should be noted that all such amounts are paid by the Land Department. In addition, the value of the appraised value may be higher or lower than the actual, but the fluctuations should be within reasonable limits.
In the same law firm you will need to enter into the contract itself for sale, which are prescribed not only directly the actual conditions of the transaction and the very order of calculation. Buyer shall pay a certain amount of the deposit, which will not be returned to him in any case - even if he changes his mind, for whatever reason. The latter sum to be paid to the day since the time when the right of ownership are transferred, that is, when the contract between the seller and the buyer is registered at the Land Department. This date is not limited - as the two sides together to agree, so be it.
What else has to make a lawyer? Well, you can forget about such a thing as the agreement of both parties for the registration of the transaction of purchase and sale, the form of which is strictly defined is mentioned several times by the Land Department. It is clear that this form is filled in Thai, and it says that having her in his arms, a lawyer can perform all the necessary steps to transfer ownership without using any personally buyer or seller.
After all this, the lawyer completes the operation, conducting registration of the transaction, which is possible only after all the necessary money (including taxes and fees) and the documents received. After this is a new contract and that he, and not the one that was signed earlier presented to the Land Department.
Finally, the final stage - the lawyer sends you Chanot, certified and registered with the Land Department of the agreement of purchase and sale, house-book, and all the checks for the taxes and fees that have been paid. Everything is now your house!