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Why the need for a professional real estate agent

  Few people today understand the role of the estate agent real estate market. The fact is it possible to do without a professional realtor and how to distinguish a real professional, we told Olga Oglobin, general manager of Land of Smile Real Estate.
Many ordinary people believe that the interaction of the seller and buyer, the realtor is completely superfluous in this transaction. Others, in turn, believe that the agent - the right mate and be able to choose to buy a decent option.
Is it possible to do without the services of the agency? At your own risk you can. But then the process of buying property in a foreign country can easily compare with a walk along the edge of the roof blindfolded. In the primary market, not being a specialist, you will not be able to independently verify the existence of a building permit, the financial condition of the company. A realtor is already done. Most agencies only work with reliable contractors. In the secondary market, without a professional you do not know the whole truth about that purchase. But it may already be sold or mortgaged to a bank, for it could be made a pledge to another buyer. And the person who sells, may not be the owner, and the letter is signed by someone unauthorized.
The man who sells his own apartment, too, probably not the best way is focused on the market is not able to negotiate the price and other terms of the transaction, does not know where and how to find the most motivated buyer who is ready to give it a big price for this object. Yes, and to adequately assess the cost of a property it is not expected to.
Throughout the world, the task of help for the sale and purchase of real estate, people trust the realtors. Surely it is for a country such as Thailand. An important question for all parties involved - a commission that realtors are, or rather who pays, and whose interests are represented by a realtor. Service agent in Thailand pays the landlord. The seller pays a fee to the agency for its work, which also takes into account the interests of the buyer.
Between the realtor and the client should always trust to emerge, and it does not matter the seller or the buyer. After all, professional realtors, while every day on the edge of supply and demand in a fast growing market like no one else has full information on the property market in Thailand.
The funny thing is that if we evaluate the client's trust in the whole of the profession, the more often they fall into one of the extremes of either manic distrust or unexpected levity, to the point that "this is your money, and I'll come tomorrow."
If you ask most real estate agent, what is this profession and what qualities should a true "professional", the clear answer you get. At best, you hear that the profession involves completely different activities. Indeed, most realtors in addition to its basic functions even today play the role of a lawyer, an insurer, a psychologist, consultant, designer, and so on. This is not correct. In fact, Realtor profession is self-sufficient. Agent - is the seller of real estate, a specialist in real estate transactions. And the main task - to justify the confidence of the client, to help sell its profitable property or help in buying a new one. And the customer must necessarily trust the realtor. This is a guarantee for a good deal - buy it, the object that needs a client, or the sale of his property at the best price.
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