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   - How long have you been, tell us about your company and team?
- Name of the real estate agency "Land of Smiles" - speaks for itself. And absolutely everyone associated with Thailand. By visiting this country one day, you only have two options - to come back here again or to live here! The company began operations this summer, given the fact that the summer is low season in Thailand, we have successfully established and developed. Our team of experienced and creative, all staff members have years of real estate and a lot of new ideas. This also applies to investors and employees. Each of them, I can confidently call c professional.
- How did your acquaintance with Thailand and your work in the real estate market in this country?
- My introduction to Thailand began in 2003. After graduating in Ekaterinburg and several years of work in turoperaorskoy companies in the city, I decided to change his life and associate it with a country which has now become my home. In Thailand, I worked as a guide for about five years in one of the largest at the time of travel agencies, that's when I became interested in the work-related real estate. Tourists who come to stay, I often wondered about the possibility of housing. Working in the travel industry, and working with realtor agencies, I had already received my first, but important for me to experience that in the future I was very useful. As a result, in 2009, I started working sales manager of real estate in one of the beginners and promising companies in Pattaya.
 - You've been working in this company, why now you have chosen real estate agency "Land of Smile"?
 - My previous work was interesting and varied, but I dreamed about the work that will give me more opportunities for self-fulfillment and career building. When I was offered the position of head of sales in the estate agency "Land of Smiles", I was really glad. Today I work for a company that gives me a great opportunity, especially since the people around me are easy and fun. Therefore, we can say that the "Land of Smiles" has chosen me.
 - Do you like the work of a real estate agent?
 = Absolutely! Lively and interesting! Constant communication with people and new challenges. Find understanding with clients to find the answer to their question - it's very exciting and addictive. Despite the fact that the technology of standard transactions, standard above occurs, all the deals are exclusive, and each time we have to consider a lot of aspects and nuances. It really is mine, and I do love.
 - According to local television we heard mention of the fact that there are unscrupulous realtors or companies that mislead their customers or simply cheat. How would you comment on these statements?
 - Rather, it is a black PR or neprofessionalzme of some companies that are deliberately concealed from its customers important information or do not have full information before entering into the transaction. I know that there are companies who only think about getting short-term profit, without even checking to sell real estate, most likely on the local TV you've heard mention of the name of them. Our team concurs, that everything in life comes back and honestly earned money does not bring happiness to anyone. Unprofessional approach and scope of ignorance lead to the closure of these firms. If there are any doubts about selling real estate, which have arisen in the course of the transaction, we prefer to tell the truth to the client, to announce the deal fell and offer other options.
 - Many people who work in the field of real estate consider you one of the best real estate agents in Pattaya. You agree with this?
 - And who appreciates the work of real estate agents? I can tell right away that no one engages in such assessments and data about me as the best realtor nobody asked for. The quality of the work can only be judged by its results: the number of closed transactions, both in the secondary market, and the companies of developers. And most importantly - on customer feedback. We often refer to the recommendations, the friends and acquaintances of those who worked with me personally. Always important reputation, which will keep a realtor at altitude.
 - In your opinion, what should be the agent to clients came to him?
 - All agents are different in all its strength and its tactics work. One drives a customer almost by the hand, goes everywhere with them, listens to all their aspirations. The other will be more tightly, without unnecessary sentimentality, but very quickly and competently. And to come to the other customers - people are different. Some want to communicate with them constantly to make them feel that they are not forgotten about and deal with their problem, while others appreciate every minute of the time and they do not need the extra calls - they have to decide the issue quickly and without words. And in both cases the result is positive, but achieved in different ways. Therefore, the realtor should be the way it would like to see clients.
How do you feel about the competition? After all, Thailand is the great number of agencies working in the Russian market.
I take a positive competition. It is motivating and encouraging them to improve. If not permanently raise their level, narrow thinking and realize their ideas - it is to be an outsider in the market.
 - Many people believe that women are equal to men in this area, but we see a lot of women work realtors. In your opinion, why?
 - I have only one explanation: the woman itself is more flexible, respectively, solutions, it can be made based on some nuances or emotional features. Men, on the other hand, there are more than weighed and clearly, make decisions quickly. But, as a real estate agent profession - is, first of all, work with people, not with apartments - a woman here easier. Even it is a deal with the personal characteristics of some clients. If you do not pay attention to it, then the person will simply not happy. This can affect both the financial results and on a review of the company. Every person who is involved in the transaction necessarily afraid of something, not sure about the choice. The task of the realtor that fear to recognize, understand, and to do everything possible to save his client from it.
 - Olga, as added in later your relationship with customers?
 - Most of Clent are our friends, especially those who bought the property for that would live here. After the purchase of the apartment just all starts. And then followed by questions such as: "Where can I go for repairs? What kind of visa issue? Where children learn to give? "- I myself personally once faced with all this, and as a real estate agent, as a woman and mother of two children, I understand that I will never give up lost in a sea of ​​information to clients in care. Our agency can help you with any questions and do not take money for it.
 - What forms of promotion you choose for the company?
 - As one of the first sites for advertising, we have chosen the magazine "turnkey". As you know, this is a very popular publication in the city, and we could not miss the sight of him. In addition, it is obvious that today is rapidly developing Internet advertising - it covers every day more and more audience. Based on these considerations, we actively use and this area as one of the main ones. For the season, we have prepared a lot of image advertising on local radio and television. Preparing to release their own publications, which we plan to distribute not only in Thailand but also in Russia. In the future, we'll cover the other resources that will help us stand out from the competition and attract more attention. After all, the attention of customers - is very valuable, it is never enough.
 - Does your company plan to expand, in particular to cooperate with Russia?
 - Our company has been successfully cooperating with Russia and not only among our partners is Agency of Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. We are always happy to work with real estate professionals and companies that provide related services. Thus, we not only develop as an agency and as an independent brand, but in general, promote real estate in Thailand as a promising direction. In the near future we plan to install banners in several Russian cities, which will be promoted not only the "Land of Smiles", but projects of companies that work with us. One of our key partners - the company Heights Holdings and his future hit of the season - Laguna Beach Resort The Maldives.