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- Hello George, tell us about yourself? How long have you been interested in overseas property? What attracted you to land in Thailand?

- I have been in business climate. Last seven years trying to relax in the winter in Thailand. I visited the country more than 10 times. I am very impressed with this country in the climate, sea air, the ocean (South - China Sea - Pacific Ocean), food - is a masterpiece of culinary art, and most importantly the people, their way of life (constant smile and boundless goodness)! All this in combination - simply divine! It is from these considerations, and with time, I hated the idea to acquire real estate in Paradise!
- Tell me what was the first step towards the realization of your dreams?
- I began to study sites of companies that sell property in Thailand. Looking for different ways to buy real estate without cheating (ie buy the best option for price and quality, and not a "pig in a poke").
- Why did you choose a real estate agency "Land of Smile Real Estate"?
- Real Estate and concrete sales manager was chosen on the recommendation of my friend!
- George, you know in advance what you want to buy or little you imagined the real estate market in Pattaya? You had to choose from a variety of objects?
- I know what I want to buy, because the revised lot of information, reviews, advice on all kinds of sites. Talked and got a lot of useful information directly from the manager of "Land of Smile" Mrs. Ogloblina Olga. Looked real estate personally, being in the country before. And that was enough to choose from.
- Why did you choose to Pattaya, as in Thailand, there are other regions, no less attractive for investment.
- The approach to the topic I have seen this: Bangkok Metropolis is not to stay away from the sea and far away. Islands - patrimony of Europeans, the high price of everything, and, in my opinion, the risk of natural disasters. Pattaya - City of solid pros. Property selected for Dzhamtene (right on the coast), I would be very convenient to use as for rest and take it to let in his absence. In Pattaya huge Russian diaspora. Build the church. According to some reports 10% of the population is Russian Pattaya. And from this perspective implies a certain leveling of the language barrier. The price policy of Pattaya just fine - it's all the same continent! And of course the entertainment industry is on the top!
- You have chosen an apartment in a new building? What are the advantages for you personally you see in purchasing primary residence? As an agent, I will tell you that most people are attracted to it under construction.
- Pattaya to be built and developed began not so long ago so the secondary real estate market is very poor. Especially with the choice not to be dispersed. When making a "secondary" is needed once the entire amount and the presence of the buyer in Pattaya, which is not very convenient, but so did a new home - a new home!
- On the Internet a lot of information about the risks associated with buying property from developers, what do you think about this? It is very interesting view of the buyer.
- I tracked the previous projects of this builder: how to build, whether in terms of fit, etc. Then, I made sure that funds transferred to me, go directly to the developer, and not the intermediary (broker, real estate agent in Thailand receives a percentage directly from the developer).
- Tell a transaction took place? You bought an apartment without leaving Russia. You are happy with the work of the agency?
- Implementation of the deal was much easier than in Russia, with a similar situation. All very quickly - I received an e-mail. mail contract, read, signed it and sent back. Then obtained in the same way an account (with a rather convenient and efficient payment schedule), paid for it in the near bank, and a few days later received a confirmation from the builder of money coming into Thailand.
- What you choose in the end?
- In the end, my choice for a two-bedroom apartment, close to the seafront, renovated, with furniture and appliances. Completion date home in 12 months. At the moment, already built 5 floors.
- How do you plan to use this property in the future?
- My free time schedule and the lack of employment as such in the winter - will allow me and my family to spend the cold months in the warm country paradise! And the rest of the apartment will give up, and generate income.
- Give advice to our potential customers, what to look for when buying a property in Thailand?
- In my opinion, the best and only way (in fact as we have in the country) - is to consult a competent and well-known in the market realtor!
Thank you for the interview and good luck, hope your experience and opinion will be useful and informative for many!