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What is the order of buying an apartment in a new building?

1. Choice. We introduce you to the real estate offers on our website or in the office. You can see photos, brochures, videos, and get a full consultation on any of the complex, including the issue of deferred payment ..
2. Reservation. We fill the reservation form us with your personal data. You pay the reservation fee 30 000 - 100 000 bat.My booking scold your apartment for 1 month. This amount will be included in the amount of your first payment.
3. Preliminary contract. You receive an e-mail preliminary sales agreement for review. It defines the terms and amounts of payments.
Spread a payment plan:
30% within 30 days after the reservation, minus the deposit you have made.
30% -60% plaatezha installments during construction, usually in equal shares.
10% to 40% when you make the act of acceptance of housing, with the official delivery of the object and the surrounding area in operation.
There may be other payment options.
4. You sign a preliminary agreement in two copies, one of which is sent to Thailand.
5. You start the transfer of amounts on the schedule specified in the contract, at the expense of the developer. Document with the amount you will need to regularly by e-mail. As well as a proof of payment.
6. Before the transaction at the Land Department is certificate (extract) of the same case that there is no encumbrance, ie of its purity. The certificate reflects the presence or absence of the mortgage object, the object of the right to use third parties, the ban on sale, open court cases, etc. It also confirms the identity of the object specific person - the seller.
7. It is also possible without registration in person, if you pay full property without a mortgage or installment. In this case, you are making a power of attorney to the representative of the builder or your agent who designed the apartment to your sobstvennost.Oplata local taxes (paid one time when buying an apartment):
 Local tax: about 6.3% of the appraised value of the apartment.
8. Registering property in the Land Department will take a few hours. You or your representative will Chanot - Document on osbstvennosti.
9. You are already a proud owner of an apartment in the Land of Smiles!