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Axioms of purchasing property in Thailand

 The fundamental axiom of purchasing property in Thailand.
Dear customers, for our work with you to be effective and ergonomic, ie with minimal time and effort, your and our, we offer you to start a search to determine, first of all for himself with a number of points. This is a very important step. If the process of buying a property compared to the construction process, the stage is "defined" can be called the stage of "architectural project." You line up in their minds "architecture" of a future purchase.
So, to help you with this, we offer the following questionnaire:
1. The purpose of buying real estate: investment, for myself, that would like to live, for recreation, for commercial use.
2. What type of property: house or apartment, new or vtorchnoe housing business.
3. Where do you want to buy: at sea, in the city or outside, in what area?
4. Characteristics of purchase: Square dwelling, number of rooms (for example, 2 bedrooms), floors (for apartments: the first or the last, high or not.) Proximity to the sea, the presence of the sea front. Since the view of the sea can be, and 2 km from the sea, and living on the second line from the sea, the type can not be, but your apartment may be 100 meters from the sea.
5. Some of these points will be the priority for you, others - secondary. We say, "We can not have just one and the same time." But what exactly do you describe what you are looking for, the faster we will find you the right!
6. Determine your budget for this project. Ie how much you are willing to invest in the implementation of your dreams. Here we are not talking about your financial capabilities. It's about how much you are willing to invest in this purchase. Sometimes the buyer can buy for 100 million, but it is not necessary, and he buys one million Baht., Sometimes, a person has a 1 million baht., And he wants to buy dorozhe.Togda we are helping with the search in Varant installments or credit.
If you do not know which email us, we'll call at a convenient time for you and us time together and talk on the phone before your arrival, what to you to choose, describe the advantages and disadvantages of each object and about the possibilities.
Next. You have decided what you want. You sent us a request. We picked up the options you 10-20-30, sent a description and pictures on the web. You have chosen a few options. You are ready to come to the viewing. But right note selection of options - is the work: intellectual, spiritual, physical. If you follow our recommendations, and everything is organized well, in principle, can be viewed daily from 5 to 10 sites (if they like).
Of the 20 facilities that have already been selected for you by the painstaking selection of 500-1000 objects, you can certainly choose the one that meets your criteria and responds to your heart. Until a few days of reflection and to clean up all the thoughts and in principle it is possible to make a decision. If a month ago you have built an image of the desired home or apartment, and now you have found that you were looking for, you need to make a decision for a few days. The deal will take 5 to 14 days.
To sign the contract in Pattaya would take only a couple of hours.
Therefore, spend some time, it was rendered. How would you not attracted the beach! We c pleasure to meet you, tell you about what you are interested places, help to rent a car. It will not be just a tourist trip, it will be very applied option to suit your needs. Agent services for you free of charge. Thus, if we approach the issue constructively, of course, "any thing that can be done quickly, with the same result can be done slowly." Therefore, it is important to understand how long do you plan to keep the money in the bank, where they depreciate daily.
"Buying real estate is always profitable in the past year." So think, decide. Today's thoughts determine tomorrow's life.