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Primary market in Thailand: buying new apartments.

Primary property in Thailand is attractive to many customers, no matter whether the purchase is made for long-term investment funds, or for private use. Currently in Thailand is booming construction, therefore the price of new homes is extremely low. Usually, developers offer installment payment at the time of construction. Contract for the early stages of construction is much more profitable than just buy an apartment in Thailand in the secondary market. 

Sign the contract, calculate and monitor the construction process can now be remotely from anywhere in the country via the Internet. In most cases, the deposit to reserve ranges from 30 000 to 100 000 Baht. Continue to pay the first installment - is redeemed from 10 to 40% of the price. When buying a home in Thailand from the builder, may provide installment payment, depending on the terms of the contract construction. The remaining terms of the purchase of a new home can be very different. This may be 50-90% of the purchase price at settlement, or payment in equal installments during the construction plus repayment of the balance amount, such as are specified in the contract, with the key.
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