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Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives - Pattaya

Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives - Pattaya, Sale
Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives - Pattaya
Properties from the builder
Region (city): Pattaya
Area: Jomtien
Completion Year: 2016
from 849000 THB849000
up to 4298000 THB4298000

Seven Seas Côte d'Azur - Pattaya

Seven Seas Côte d'Azur - Pattaya, Sale
Seven Seas Côte d'Azur - Pattaya
Properties from the builder
Region (city): Pattaya
Area: NaJomtien
Completion Year: 2018
from 1299000 THB1299000
up to 7140000 THB7140000

Seven Seas Condo Resort Phuket - Phuket

Seven Seas Condo Resort Phuket  - Phuket, Sale
Seven Seas Condo Resort Phuket - Phuket
Properties from the builder
Region (city): Phuket
Area: East Coast
Completion Year: 2018
from 1500000 THB1500000
up to 5000000 THB5000000

Commercial real estate - Pattaya (ID: B0020)

Commercial real estate - Pattaya, Rent, Sale
Rent: 90000 THB90000
Sale: 19500000 THB19500000
Sale of business: 1900000 THB1900000

Studio - Pattaya (ID: S0150)

Studio - Pattaya, Sale
Siam Oriental Elegance 1
Area: 24 m²
Floor: 2 of 8
Up to the sea: 500 м
Sale: 1100000 THB1100000

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: A0204)

Apartment - Pattaya, Sale
Atlantis Condo Resort
Area: 35 m²
Floor: 6 of 8
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 300 м
Sale: 1890000 THB1890000

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: TV201)

Apartment - Pattaya, Sale
The View Cozy Beach Condo
Area: 47 m²
Floor: 7 of 20
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 400 м
Sale: 2400000 THB2400000

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: LB341)

Apartment - Pattaya, Sale
One bedroom apartment in the project Laguna Beach Resort
Area: 37 m²
Floor: 4 of 8
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 1000 м
Sale: 1390000 THB1390000

Real Estate in Thailand

Welcome to the Land of Smiles!
Property in Thailand has always been and will be a great area for investment. Buy their own property in Thailand from the builder is not easy, it is better to implement the project with a proven and reliable partner of the company Land of Smiles, which will guide you through all the time when construction selected project. Honesty, efficiency and transparency - these are the three pillars on which the concept of our work for the sale of real estate in Thailand.

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Property for sale in Thailand

  If you are interested buying property in Thailand, with us you do it profitably and safely!
Property for sale in Thailand is a professional manner.
  All of its customers in an accessible form we provide:
- Full background information on taxes and benefits of buying property in Thailand.
- Advice of a professional lawyer.
- Skilled professionals throughout the collaboration.
Further advantages is cooperation with our company will:
- Special offers for the sale of real estate in Thailand, in particular, a huge database of special offers for the sale of real estate in Pattaya;
- Constantly held shares;
- Ability to buy property in Thailand on the coast in any place pleasant to you.
Constant updating of our database and prompt completion of the new proposals will help you choose and buy an apartment in Pattaya, as well as on the islands and in other regions of Thailand, without even leaving home. The catalog is not only a full description of the available real estate, but also has numerous photos of objects.

Buying a Property in Thailand

Many years, foreigners attracted inexpensive real estate in Thailand, 2015-2016 because prices have become more affordable, and the purchase and sale of apartments or houses - easier. If you have made a deliberate decision to invest in real estate, Thailand - one of the best for this country.
- Comfort: you equip their homes for themselves, to your taste and also in front of you will not be on the question "where to spend the holidays."
- The benefit: the ability to take holidays in the country of smiles, and the rest of the time - renting accommodation to rent, get a regular income.
- Prestige: the presence of your own property abroad working on your image.
The climate of the year - 365 days - and it's always time for a rest!
  Investment appeal. The property market in Thailand has great potential. Property for sale in Pattaya now at the peak of popularity. This is currently one of the countries with the minimum tax burden. Property in Pattaya, Koh Samui and Phuket - are still the most attractive aspect of price in Thailand. And if you take into account the low cost of ownership, the real competition of proposals in other countries just do not have as In many countries, taxes and service fees will be significant expenditure. Come to Thailand, get acquainted with the country of smiles and choose a house or apartment to taste - will not be disappointed, and we are ready to help you!